Research and development

Professional and experienced R&D team can process OEM or ODM projects, including photometric design, material application, electronic circuit design, quality control of production and packing protection design…etc. We provide best and professional service to all customers. 


Optical design

Using LucidShape for optical and analysis and simulation.

PWM dimming, ADC detection, Fault/Failure detection and special requests form customers…etc.
Advanced MR (multi-reflection) technology.
Advanced FF (free form reflection) technology.
Advanced PCS (poly curve system) technology.
Optical lens technology.
To meet the necessary international regulation (SAE, ECE, JIS, CCC)


Mechanical design

To handle all important components with AutoCAD, UG, CATIA, Solid Works. We have ability to solve all potential problems and confirmation appearance before tooling making.


Rapid Prototype System

By AutoCAD, UG and CATIA connects FDM (rapid prototype system) to create ABD prototype (depends on the product dimension) with tolerance of 0.1mm.  Clients can take the prototype for exactly fitting on vehicle practically. This ensures the design and dimensions of parts are as expectation and make parts to be correctly.


Electronic design

PWM dimming, ADC detection, failure detection, electronic circuit design according to customer requirements, such as:

PWM dimming
ADC detection
LED dimming design
Fault/failure detection
Buck-Boost efficiency checking
Tj/Ts checking and calculation
Special request from customer…etc