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With a concern for humanity and environmental issues, we has pioneered development in the LED lamp field for a decade. This has been not only for a new generation of high-level products for our clients, but also to benefit energy saving and environmental protection. This is our corporate social responsibility.

With complete facilities of in-house and production equipment, our mission is to ensure every lamp is of an authenticated quality and meet clients' high requirements.

  • International Lab

    Standard laboratory and German LMT photometry machine

  • Testing machine

    Salt spray test
    Rain test
    Dust test
    Vibration test
    Impact test
    Temperature & Humidity test

  • Quality Certificate

    TUV certificated laborator
    IATF 16949 certification


Salt Spray Test

Salt Spray Test is designed to test a wide range of
materialsin coating industries to test the surface
treatment on their corrosive rate.

Rain Test

Water or water seepage may cause material
strength degradation, accelerated corrosion,
short circuits, electrical equipment failure or insecurity.

Dust Test

The main test includes float dust (F) and current ust (C) test.
The test is aimed at finding out dustproof and dust resistance
functions as well as the safety of those parts.

 Airtight Leak Test

Airtight leak test, also known as Sealing test, are mainly used for product sealing test,
water resistance test, IP protection level test.

  3 Axis Vibration Test

Using the parameters of the vibration test to improve the reliability of the products.

Coordinate Measuring Test (CMM)

OEM products use CMM testing to ensure a perfect match between the light products and metal parts.